Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baking beauty.

Glam up your baking in my new sweetheart, retro style apron.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fabulous new party apron.

Over a full skirted party dress this apron is a stunner.

More new designs planned. Liv and I are adding to our collection of genuine retro fabrics so expect to see some of these in our items soon.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Winter Ranges

Well, OK, it's the Australian summer, sure, but these little bits and pieces are too cute to keep to myself.
I think so anyway. I love love love beanies!! (it goes hand in hand with loving dyeing my hair awesome colours and wearing wigs - it's an instant appearance transformation, which is so much fun!)
I'm still working on my summer range, but I'm determined to get them right before posting them here - who would have thought copies great ideas from the 70s could be so difficult. So I've been busy busy even though there haven't been a lot of posts lately.
Keep in touch -we'll be doing more markets soon. Details to come
Red beanie and Brown beanie - $30 each

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Summer Wrap

I've been working on knitting options for summer (as we're about to head in to the scorching Australian summer here) so here' s the first - a bright and cheerful summer sun wrap.

I feel I've been a little quiet lately as I've been experimenting with new patterns, which induitably means I've had to start and stop and take apart and remake and think about it and start all over again, but I think the new designs are worth the trouble - so keep an eye out for my new summer range coming soon. Jan has also been working on lots of summer ideas - it's a great time to be creative!
Summer Wrap, $50

Thursday, October 8, 2009

First Market a Success!

Well, we've done our first market at the Hawkins Fashion Markets and had a great time doing it. Get ready because there will be pics to come - both of our new ranges and our stall. There were so many awesome stalls at the first market - make sure to check out MiMi FiRsT (link to the left) because we both absolutely LOVED everything in the stall. We got some awesome tips from other stall holders so look for us at more markets in the future (of course we'll keep you posted here too!).

The free champagne was certainly welcome on a warm day and we loved showing people our new ranges.

Liv has been inspired to create a new summer range - more details soon (once they've been tried and tested).

We're planning more markets before Christmas where the new range will be launched.

How Exciting!!

Liv and Jan

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Launch of Hawkins Fashion Markets!

Jan and Liv will be at the launch of the new Hawkins Fashion Markets in Brisbane on Saturday 3rd October.

To celebrate, we're launching 3 new ranges - fabric tea cosies, rose broaches, and gorgeous 50s style aprons! Whew - we've certainly been busy this week making everything.

The markets go from 8.30am till 3pm at the Hawkins Garden Centre, Old Cleveland Rd, Chandler, Brisbane - opposite the Sleeman Sports Complex. There will be champagne and a barbeque, and lots of fabulous fashion, not to mention plants and tasty treats.

The market site is lovely - all undercover, and there's a proper cat walk, real changing rooms - it's gourmet market style! for more info go to

We'd love to see you, so come on down this Saturday.

Liv and Jan

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Perfect for travel

These two bags are have gone to good homes. The dances have just returned from the British Isles, wined, dined, toured and shopped. The beautiful spring bag is all set for the racing season.

Similar bags can be made to order. Just email us.

Floral and paisley - out and about bag

This bag is one of my favourites. I love the way the print seems to lift off the textured and pale green fabric.This is a go anywhere bag, day or night.
Functional and fabulous!

Item 116 $85

Autumn leaves revisited.

Patterned background gives this bag a quite striking appearance. Black trimmings and stitchery create understated class. This is a go anywhere, always look good bag.

Item 120

Retro - shall we dine?

Note the beautiful bird button on a palm watching our couple in their elegant attire while white textured fabric creates the perfect backdrop. Lined in classic black this bag is a standout.

Item 115 Sold

Spring carnival time.

You'll be all set for the Spring Carnival this year with this stunning bag featuring a hand made button which compliments the fresh colours of the mandala. Lined in pale persimmon this bag is eye catchingly beautiful.

Item 107

When autumn leaves start to fall.

Les feuilles mortes - autumn leaves - simply stylish.

Item 114 Sold

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cotton Beanie and Scarf Set

I love working in cotton yarns, they're so soft, gentle on the skin, and I've never known anybody to have an allergic reaction to them (unlike my mohair products, which are luxurious and divine).

This beanie and scarf set are one of my favourite creations - I know one day they'll go to a good home, to just the right person. In these pics the colours look slightly different, but they are actually the same yarn just in different light.

Cotton Beanie and Scarf Set - $85

New Beanie Range!!

I've been playing around making beanies for years, and discovered this particular style is quite surprisingly popular with males! They seem to be a firm festival favourite, so now I'm making them available here. There will also be a range of scarves and other accessories coming, so keep watch.

I feel like I have so many ideas at the moment that I'm boiling over with them! It's great feeling so creative.

Also - keep watch, new range of tea cosies coming soon!

These beanies will be available from $25


Let Them Eat Cake

This couture piece was made to celebrate the Thread Den Melbourne Fashion Week Killer Queen Extravaganza. The original is available for viewing at the Thread Den store in Errol St North Melbourne.

My apologies for the appalling photo quality - this cosy was finished late at night before I got up to fly to Melbourne at 5am to deliver it in person to Thread Den. There will be better quality pics to follow, but I couldn't resist giving you a little sneak preview!

The cosy is made from cotton yarn, fake pearls, feathers, ribbon, gems, and a crazy beehive do - by far my most extravagant creation to date.

This cosy is available for $290 including the great vintage tea pot - enquiries to Thread Den or email us at

Bel's Bag

Thanks so much to our beautiful friend Bel who has agreed to model this bag - a made-to-order bag just for her. We love being given a challenge, so if you have particular colours or styles of bag or cosy you like, please let us know and we'll create something special just for you.

Note the hand drawn button - we're adding more art pieces to our creations so keep your eyes open for new developments.

Similar designs are available for $85.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mary Mary quite contrary.

This is the second in my retro print series.

Item 128 $25

Retro cameo

This broach features retro inspired fabric on several layers of felt.
Item 126 $25
My interpretation of the Australian Boo Book Owl. Liv suggested I do an owl series. I'm thinking about it.

Item 125 $35

I've recently started making broaches. Each is unique and a combination of fabric, felt and stitchery.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stylish navy messenger bag

Item 124 This item is not available but a bag to suit your requirements can be made from $85

I made this messenger bag with a padded interior for a young man with a laptop. It has a secure zippered section and two other compartments. It can be made to suit your style from conservative to flamboyant.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Finally it's here! The elusive blue rose

Apparently the only colour of rose we've never been able to grow (without using blue food dye) is blue - so I thought I'd create one here. I've had a number of queries about the English Rose Garden cosy (that's not for sale - because my mother stole it) and I'm happy to make more (or something similar, anyway) on request.

Blue Roses - $65

New Disco Range

I loved, then hated, then loved, then hated fluro disco colours - and now apparently I love them again. I found this awesome metallic gold an black yarn as a fluke, and it reminded me so much of 80s discos (especially roller-discos! I had a great pair of fluro pink skates) that I had to make these fairly ridiculous pieces.
Disco cosy with fluro buttons - $40

The sea theme range

I've been inspired to make a range of sea theme cosies - using height, and texture - and pearls of course!

This one uses a crochet star fish as an accent. This photo doesn't quite do justice to the cosy - but I couldn't seem to get the perfect angle. (It is in proportion i reality, just not in this pic!)

Star Fish Cosy - $65